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Rooster Dogburn


European.  Very athletic and smart.  Loves to run and practice agility, and LOVES kids!  Always quiet and looking to please.

june happy.JPG

June Carter Cash


Half American, Half European.  Very sweet and affectionate and always playfyl!  Loves going on hikes and for car rides.



Aili DiAltobello


Half American, half European.  Our loyalist and easiest to train doberman we own.  Loves being with her people and is always well behaved!


R7R Maid of Orleans
3/4 European, Rooster x June puppy.  Miss Joanie is her mama June's replacement. She is incredibly sweet and playful and fun to be around. We are so excited to have Joanie be a part of our program!


R7R Missouri Outlaw


American. Class clown that loves everyone! He is our most outgoing doberman and he has never met a stranger.


Isabeau DiAltobello


3/4 European.  She is the sweetest and kindest doberman we own.  Her nickname is "Baby" because she is so sweet.

It is with a heavy heart that we report the loss of our beloved Idgy to Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE), more commonly known as canine spinal stroke.  Idgy had a fall and began to show signs of hind end weakness the next day.  We rushed her to our local vet where they were unable to diagnose her.  We were then rushed to specialists in Vancouver, Washington, and consulted with specialists at Oregon State University.  By the time a proper diagnoses was discovered it was too late and Idgy had succumbed to FCE induced respiratory failure.  Idgy's legacy lives on through all of the wonderful puppies she has produced.  She will always be loved and greatly missed by all of us at the ranch.


R7R My Sunshine
3/4 American, Maverick x Aili puppy. She has her mama Aili’s big body and braveness, and her daddy Maverick’s amazing, goofy personality.  So excited to add her to the program!

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