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  • “I’ve joined a Rafter 7 Ranch waitlist, now what?”"
    We appreciate how many people want our puppies and wanted to help answer some questions we have been getting lately. 1.) We have a large wait list for our next few litters. We believe in being fair and that means not skipping people on our wait lists. Some people have been waiting for almost a year. 2.) We cannot control how many puppies are born, and therefore cannot control how many are offered to the public. We have had litters range from 5-13 puppies. All we can do is provide optimal care; the rest is up to nature. 3.) Sometimes a planned cross has to change, and we reserve the right to do so. Buyers will always know who sire and dam are before purchase. 4.) We understand it is hard to wait for your next family member. It never offends us if you find a puppy sooner. We just ask that you notify us that you have, as we have several people that would like to be updated on their position on the waitlist. 5.) We cannot guarantee who will follow through with purchasing a puppy. This means there is always a chance to be bumped up on the list. 6.) If we have the gender and color you are wanting but skip, you will now go to the end of the wait list. No more roll overs. 7.) Reputable breeders have wait lists. We understand that waiting is hard but expect to be on a wait list when working with any reputable breeder. And as always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions! We are always happy to help and talk anything Doberman!
  • When can I expect my puppy, and how much will it cost?"
    Once you join our wait list you can expect to add a puppy to your family within one year. When raising these puppies, we use all available resources and do not spare any expense, this includes the care of all of our bitches and stud dogs, too. If cost is the primary concern for you, we would like you to consider adopting an older dog.
  • Can you ship my puppy to me?
    Yes. We have worked with PetSafe to successfully fly our puppies all over the US. PetSafe has strict regulations in place for the safety of our puppies and transports them in Pressurized, Ventilated, and Climate Controlled Compartments. Our puppies are all flown in oversized crates so that they will have the maximum level of comfort on their journey to you. We are also willing to hand deliver our puppies anywhere in the US at your expense. Many of our "Pawrents" fly to us and we are happy to meet you at the Portland Airport (PDX) the cost of bringing your puppy as a carry on is usually around $150. Should you choose to use PetSafe instead the average cost including crate and health certificate is $450. Please email us for individual quotes.
  • Does my puppy come with AKC papers?
    Yes, all of our puppies come with limited AKC papers. AKC offers the option to “limit” registration to protect breeding and showing rights. This helps to keep breeding rights in the hands of dedicated individuals who prioritize the health and longevity of the breed, while simultaneously allowing pet homes to still proudly own AKC papered dogs. If you are a show home and interested in Full AKC registration please e-mail us for consideration.
  • Are males or females better pets?
    In our experience both make great family pets. Females are a little more person oriented and males are little more independent. Hard to go wrong with either choice.
  • How big will my puppy get?
    Breed standard for height is 26-28 inches for males and 24-26 inches for females, and breed standard for weight is 88-99 pounds for males and 71-77 pounds for females. We do have two females who sometimes throw heavier puppies (mature 100-115 pounds).
  • What health guarantees do you offer?
    All puppies have 3 business days to get a health check from a vet of the buyer’s choice. If anything comes back saying puppy is unfit, once report is given to seller all monies will be refunded to buyer and the puppy will be given back to the seller. The Doberman breed is unfortunately predisposed for certain health issues such as DCM, hip dysplasia, and thyroid issues. It is the buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly research the breed. Ongoing care such as diet, exercise and regular vet care are imperative to the longevity of a Doberman. Any breeder who sells with a health guarantee is being disingenuous to their buyer. With that being said, all of our Dobermans that we breed are happy and healthy and we ONLY breed healthy Dobermans.
  • What health testing do you do?
    All of our Dobermans have full Embark DNA health tests, and are tested for things such as Von Willebrand’s, DCM 1 & 2 and Copper Toxicosis, and we also only breed Dobermans whose parents lived long and healthy lives. Once they reach 10 years of age, their DNA is sent to the Doberman Longevity Program. There are other tests that can be done, but they are just a picture of the dog’s health that day and not necessarily how they will be long term. Dobermans can test negative for DCM and have clear echocardiograms and Holter monitors and still develop DCM. The Doberman Diversity Program tracks DNA and bloodlines to help find a solution for DCM and is the most important "test" you can do to better the breed. Please see the Doberman Diversity Program tab below for more information.
  • Can I meet my puppies parents?
    We appreciate all homes that do their due diligence in making sure they are not purchasing from a “puppy mill”. However, we want interested homes to understand that we do not have a “staff” and these visits take place within our home. While we try to be open to visitors, it is hard to accommodate the amount of people that want to visit. We do not allow visits with newborn puppies or heavily pregnant females to limit both traffic through our home and all potential stressors during these sensitive windows. Feel free to follow us for daily updates in the lives of our dogs on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Do you offer ongoing support?
    Yes! We are here to help make the transition from the ranch to the home as smooth as possible. We love getting updates from everyone who has a Rafter 7 Ranch Doberman. We are fortunate and still get updates from people from our very first litter!
  • Doberman Diversity Project
    We encourage everyone to watch this YouTube video to get realistic answers on life expectancy and health of Dobermans. The Doberman Diversity Project is the best way to combat against DCM. Most Dobermans pass Holter monitors and echo’s and do not develop DCM until after their breeding years are over.
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