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The working mans doberman

"We feel so lucky that we found Rafter 7 Ranch. They were very helpful and responsive sharing photos with us and answering a lot of questions. He loves our three kids and ten year old female doberman. He is so sweet, kind, and smart. He is the perfect addition to our family"



“Quality breeding for health and temperament are essential to note when selecting a Doberman Breeder. Rafter 7 Ranch goes above and beyond to their commitment to responsibly breed quality Dobermans with size, drive, and temperament of the ideal pet. Hanna of Rafter 7 Ranch made the process very seamless. Vetted me and orchestrated a relaxed session to pick "Aizen". I was even given an opportunity to see their horses! The family is amazing I can't stress this enough. "Aizen" is an intelligent gentle goofball, yet when it is time for us to work he is explosive. His genetics, responsiveness, and train-ability are molding him into the best companion. Thank you Rafter 7 Ranch for your dedication to the breed and selective breeding program.”


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